The Perfect Pairing

Whether you're a coffee or tea lover, Beehouse honey is the perfect natural sweetener.

Ecological Beekeeping

At we ONLY work with beekeepers that practice ecological beekeeping. The health of the hive always comes first. Honey is a gift from our bees but its also their food. Food that they need to survive and last throught the winters. We only take what is extra, leaving plenty for the hive. There will be years where we get very little honey as a result. A tradeoff we can live with in return for their gift.


Honey Cake

Everything is Better With A Honey Drizzle

Bagels, bread, toast and cake. They all taste better with a drizzle of natural honey


I should have gotten two of the Tupelo. Sweetest honey I've ever tasted

-Beth B Syracuse, NY

It's so nice to be able to find honey made by bees right here in town

MaryK -Champaign IL