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The Beehouse Story

BeeHouse was started at Country Arbors Nursery in Urbana, Illinois in 2019 by Shane Cultra. The nursery is run by Shane and his family who have been in the nursery business growing trees, shrubs, and flowers since 1865. In 2019, local beekeepers asked to keep hives on the property due to the diversity of Maple, Linden, and fruit trees as well as acres and acres of flowers.  It was the beginning of the relationship between the nursery and bees. Honeybees and wild bees.

We understand the relationship between bees, the keepers of the local land, and the importance of good husbandry. We learned of the role of the land owners and the importance of reduced chemical dependence and providing a land rich in pollinators and fauna. We at BeeHouse seek beekeepers that understand the importance of enjoying the gift of bees and understanding their true purpose. We will continue to travel the nation and the world finding people that share these values.  
In 2021 we opened our online store and started offering local Champaign honey and a few other honeys from across the country. Rachel Melton joined the team as designer and creates all the packaging and visuals you see here. With clothing and bee related items coming in the near future.

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