The Complete Set: 6 Unique and Delicious Raw Honeys

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We take pride in having a unique flavor for every type of honey we carry.  Now you can do a taste test yourself.  All raw.  Only harvested, strained, and bottled.   A complete set consists of 

Tupelo:  Southern sweet with a final hint of zest

Champaign:  Maybe our sweetest honey. Illinois summer flowers are so diverse that we get a nice light, extra-sweet honey

Blackberry:  Naturally tastes like Blackberry Jam . No added flavors, all-natural

Pennsylvania Fall:  When you think of honey this is the flavor. The perfect addition to your coffee or tea

Sweet Sourwood:  One of the richest honeys we sell.  A little goes a long way and has tones of buttery flavor that finish with a hint of spice.  REAL sourwood. Not every sourwood you get is 100% sourwood

Drip's Hot Honey:   Considered by many the best hot honey in the world. Made with Carolina Reaper yet won't ruin the food.  It has heat and a little kick but it's not a dare, it's a flavor