Limited Edition Colonel Whitenfur White Honey and NFT

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Every couple of years we get a frame of honey that is clearer and sweeter than our average honey.  We had one this year.  This year we had a frame of Extra White honey that we put in this one-time batch with our spokesman on the label who we call Colonel Whitenfur from the Bored Ape Yacht Club.  With this purchase you get

One 12 oz bottle of Special Edition Whitenfur White Honey (each individually lettered)

One bottle of Champaign Honey so you can enjoy a bottle of some fine honey in case you wanted to save the Special Edition 

One Special Edition NFT Digital Art with each being one of a kind and unique

Each purchase will receive a randomized letter that corresponds to a unique NFT.  The NFT will be delivered to your wallet via so in order to receive the NFT you must purchase and give us two things 

A US address to send the honey (Non US residents can gift to a friend or have us gift it to someone)

Put your wallet address in the notes (don't worry we can only send not take) We pay the gas fees to send